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  • Can I attend a board meeting?
    Yes, anyone in our community is welcome at all of our Board Meetings.
  • Where can I find out information about architectural change policy?
    You can learn about Architectural rules and regulations in the ARC Guidelines file located in under the Owners Login Page.
  • Where do I pay my annual dues?
    Your annual dues can either be paid online on this website or by mailing a check to our community manager. For online payments, click the pay now button on the top of this website.
  • What is the Emerald View Estates Homeowners Association?
    The Emerald View Estates Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation composed of homeowners. You automatically become a member when you purchase a home within the Emerald Valley Estates Community. As a member you are responsible for paying annual dues to the HOA.
  • How do I become a board member?
    Every year we elect new board members at our annual meeting held the second Wednesday of January. Please check the events calendar for details on the next annual meeting.
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